Two Weeks of Ritual

Come with me into my personal ritual practice and allow your wild heart to speak to you. Make space for daily rituals to allow a deepening understanding of what it is you desire. We will meet for three fb live circles which are intended to bring even more awareness to how to incorporate the forces at play in your life, including your own powerful creator.

This is an invitation to take 2 weeks to fully step out of your identity through magic, prayer and ritual, allowing you to connect with your greatness and begin to create your life from this space.

Welcome Samhain with a two week commitment to your magical, devotional, prayer and ritual practices. Over 2 weeks – 10 days – we will delve into what you have created, we will delve into magical access points to our ancestor magic, we will celebrate the natural cycle that embraces death and rebirth as a vital transformational tool. We will explore what the rebirth and the new creations are ready to look like.   

The rituals will be based on the Southern Hemisphere Wheel of the Year. If you are from the Northern Hemisphere, when you sign up please let me know and I will adjust rituals to be relevant for your Wheel of the Year for you. 

The next Two Weeks of Ritual will run in May for Samhain.  We will use the power of astrology and the thinning of the veil to guide us from our identity into our greatness and desires. 

Who Is This For?

Connection . Magic . Sacred Ritual

This is for your wild heart wisdom to come through and be heard. This is for you if you are ready to make change in your life in a way that holds power and potency. If you feel like reviewing your summer/winter in a way that allows for the learnings to be assimilated and embodied. This is for you if you love ritual and would care to deepen your devotional practice. This is for you if you understand the power of prayer and the sacred in our lives and desire to harness this for your creations. This also for you if you just want somewhere to show up to and start making some form of small changes in your life. 

What You Get…

  • Daily ritual from Mon – Fri. These will include prayer, elemental ritual and magic. 
  • 3 Facebook live circles where we will drop in, breathe together and unpack specific potent questions to discover some of your desires (held on the Monday and Friday of the first week and the Friday of the second week.)
  • Journaling prompts across the days as a gateway into what your heart is asking for. 
  • Content is delivered via email and Facebook group. You can participate without Facebook as all content will be sent via email, however to be present at the live calls will require a Facebook account active in the group. 

Pricing ~ $ 49

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