Single Use Sessions

These sessions have been created for past clients who are looking for some love and clarity or support around their creations, their choices or anything in their life really…

They are also wonderful if you are thinking of working with me, but would rather jam it out once or twice before you commit to the three months of Wildcrafted Alchemy.

If you haven’t worked with me before, we can do a free 30 min Discovery Session to have a chat about whether we fit, or you can just purchase and we can get straight into the work, it’s all up to you!


Each session is 75 minutes long. We will drop down and in, and then we will talk, we will unpack what you want to create, and we will step into powerful creator mode rather than ‘problem solver’ mode. 

It’s powerful, fun, pleasurable, painful and desire led work, and I can’t wait to get started with you!

There may also be ritual written for you, if you comfortable with this.

If this is out of your reach and this work is calling to you, please do contact me. I offer scholarships and lower rate sessions, we can chat about that in our discovery session x


$111 per session.