A community of women created to unweave our religious narratives and myths to breathe freedom into your heart.


. 4 weeks . 25 women .


Some of your deepest and most entrenched stories will be challenged.


Over the last centuries, women’s role in society has been reduced to how she can be a good wife and good mother. With the church also taking the sacred power of birth from women, by declaring that to be born of a woman on Earth is to be born into sin. Only once you have been reborn – through man – can you access the eternal afterlife.

As women rise up over the world and create new spaces and places for our lives, it is still clear that there is still a seeking of validation, an expectation that women perform their *role*. RECLAIMING EVE is an invitation to explore and uncover the inherent expectations held for women so they can revel in their desires and create their lives from what they would love.

RECLAIMING EVE is a 4 week dive into how religious oppression and assumptions like the above is affecting a majority of women without us even knowing it. We will begin the unpacking process of these expectations to get to your desires, allowing for a much deeper freedom.

Religion has had an immeasurable influence on the society we live in. It was foundational to the culture we are currently engaged with everyday, although we consider ourselves to be a secular nation. As with any foundational structure, part of the power lays in the internalisation of the myths, stories and beliefs in as many people as possible. Once we have internalised these voices, narratives and myths, we begin to create cages for ourselves, and some of our most powerful cages have come from the power of religion woven through our culture and society, just like many other countries across the world. Men and women alike are controlled by an idea that desire is sinful, leading you to eternal suffering.

Reclaiming Eve weaves a different story. During our time together, you will be invited to unpack the religious overflow of assumption being played out by your subconscious in your life. This community will be a safe place to explore some of the reasons we have been taught to ignore desire and even fear it.

Reclaiming Eve is going to be super fucking powerful

Lotus Kruse

Weekly Content

Week 1 : Original Sin

We start with the creation myths from the world religions, focusing mainly on Judaism, Christianity and Islam. We look at the Abrahamic archetypes in more depth focusing this week on Eve. We are introduced to the concept of original sin as a tool of oppression as this concept runs through the whole course. This week we begin to explore Sacred Rebellion and the idea that we can tend to our own narratives in our own way.

Week 2 : Unveiling Purity Culture 

We move now to examine how the idea of original sin has allowed for women to be shamed into taking full responsibility for any harm done to them. We explore the archetype of Mother Mary ~ the virgin and original ‘good girl’. We look at how veiling works across the world, taking into consideration the different ways women choose to make themselves invisible, divert the male gaze and protect themselves in a society based on the premise that women are the problem.

Week 3 : The Sinful Woman

This week is all about the Sacred Whore and how she has been used to keep women in competition with each other for centuries. Sin shows up here again and so does the ‘good girl’ as we unpack why we are so afraid of our true sexuality and the idea of being ‘nasty’ or ‘naughty’. This week’s archetype is Lilith, the first wife of Adam, who refused to do what she was told.

Week 4 : Faith Holders ~ Religious Feminism

Here we start to look towards trailblazing women who are making waves as they take back the narratives of their respective religions. We explore some questions they pose regarding why religion looks the way it does, and why the masculine is represented as closer to God. We explore how we can take back our rituals, and create change within our communities with the language we choose to use as expression. Mary Magdalene is our archetype for this week.


Each week starts on a Sunday, with content released that day.

There will be video, supported expressive journal prompts, and discussion in the Facebook group.

A weekly call will take place over Zoom, day to be decided by the group.

Any 1:1 sessions booked during the period of the 4 weeks will be at a reduced rate.

You will require Facebook to take part in the group and you will require Zoom to take part in the weekly call.

Enrolments will close when 25 women have enrolled.

If you have any questions, please contact me at wildcraftedalchemy@gmail.com.

I adore Leanne and loved being in her course. I had been holding on to some dark and heavy energies around religion and suppression of the feminine, and Leanne has a way of making it lighter and easier to release.

Do whatever you can to get into a container of Leanne’s because her work is amazingly transformative! And she makes it fun at the same time.

Renae Teel

Meet Leanne

Religion and Spirituality have always been sacred to me, since I was a little girl. I remember learning about Jesus and God through school and eventually Sunday school after I begged my mum to let me go. I found the idea of a mystical being that was above all of the humanness of the world to be intoxicating.

As I grew up I realised that there were other religions and I found myself drawn to them all in different stages of my life, to learn and discover the sacred. But something was always hard to really get to the bottom of, and that was because I found the more I wanted to discuss religions from an academic point of view, the more I was pushed away by those of faith. I have found part of that in studying my Master of Arts (Studies in Religion).

Over my lifetime I have become a student of religion, and of the way religions are used as social control measures, hijacking the purity of their higher way of being with a story of sin and suffering. These myths and narratives are part of the patriarchal structures that support the societies they have grown from.

This course unpacks some of these stories so that we can see the damage they do, and the shame and silence they perpetuate. When we know the stories we are carrying in our hearts, we can choose to change them, we can choose to create something different around them, and we can access deeper freedom in our lives for knowing ourselves through them.

Some Questions Answered

Is this course only for women who are religious?
This course is for every woman who has grown up in our society and culture and who has ever struggled with the ‘good’ woman/girl/mother story.

Is this course going to be bashing religions?
Absolutely not. This course will point out where religion has been used to be manipulative and controlling under patriarchal society, but was never designed to shame anyone or any belief.

I grew up without a religion, in an atheist household, would I still have internalised these messages?
You may have been lucky and avoided it, but there is a high chance you still have some internalised religious narrative running. If you have ever felt not enough, like your weight (or other external influence) determines your worth, you are a perfectionist, you strive to be a ‘good’ girl or you have shame around your sexual nature/choices/activities/even doing it at all; then this course will be of benefit for you.

How many hours a week do I need to have free?
That is completely up to you. How you show up for the course is decided by what you can and cannot do. To give you and idea, however, if you were to take each prompt and journal them for the recommended time allocation, along with the videos and other activities, you would be looking at about 5 hours a week.

Do you set rules for confidentiality?
Yes we absolutely do. When you first come into the Facebook group, there will be a post with the container agreement set out. This is a conversation started and can be added to, changed and amended in certain circumstances.

Why are you doing this work?
I am breathing this work into the world because for us to change anything, we need to understand and know why we behave, react or respond the way we do. We need to understand ourselves into our shadows. Religious indoctrination has taken the message of the religion and turned it into a control mechanism to keep women from feeling free and thriving.The one thing I would love is for women to have access to their desires, and religious indoctrination and shaming has limited this in a lot of women, this is why I breathe into this work, this is why I feel it is important. Because we all get to have what we would love.

Isn’t religion personal and private?
Religion and spiritual beliefs are private and personal and at no time will they be shamed. You get to decide how much you unpack, how much truth you seek and how much you desire to be in charge of your freedom. We also look at the women who have held their faith and challenged the status quo within their religions as some role models and further readings.

Are you ready to breathe life into your wild heart and explore the societal, religious and cultural cages we are locking ourselves in? Are you ready to unravel these stories and break free of the cages?