A High Tea, Tarot and Alchemy Afternoon




You are invited to an afternoon of high tea, tarot and conversation on how to create your life from your heart, soul and power.

Have you felt like you are in a spin? Things keep repeating on you and you aren’t getting anywhere? Do you want something but find yourself sabotaging at the last minute?

Would you love to have your heart in the world? Would you love to have what you desire, rather than the crumbs of what is left after you serve everyone else?

It’s YOUR time. Come along to this afternoon of learning about how you can bring what you want into the world. Learn how to even feel into what you would love and how to discern what is yours and what is others. Learn how to listen to the cards, and in turn to your heart. There will be a short time to read the cards all together. Enjoy some peace and quiet away from it all, with delicious vegan deserts and food to settle our tummies while we explore your power and your desires.

Numbers are very limited to this exclusive afternoon, so book early.