Nourish Your Wild Heart Sessions


60 minutes to work on anything your heart desires. Maybe it will be to come back to your wild truth. Or to talk through something weighing on your heart. We will come to the bottom and rewrite how you are creating what your wild heart desires.


What Would You Love?

Take a moment to drop down and feel what your heart is speaking to you. Remove some of the noise, of the world, of your loved ones and of your ego.

Speak to your vision

What your wild heart wants, is what it wants. And I am here to help you craft the things you desire to have in your life. We will talk about what you want, the current reality of how things are and what you can do going forward.

do the ritual

After the session you will receive a ritual from me to undertake in conjunction with the real time actions you take away to create your new path forward.

Your Wild Heart Matters

It is easy in this world to walk through our lives without our heart truly in the arena. It often feels safer to be lost in the patterns of shame, victim, martyr, good woman, and all the others that show up for us. But I am here for more than that, and I know you are too.

Your wild heart is ready to be heard. And it’s asking for some of your time to show you can trust it. Listen to the whispers, let them start to inform your actions and therefore your life. Living wild hearted and wildcrafted is a privilege and a gift. And it’s yours if you want it.