Wildcafted Alchemy 1 : 1

A 3+ month immersion mentorship in Alchemy that will completely change your life.
1:1 private coaching in Creative Orientation, Structure Rebalance, Alchemy, Somatic Inquiry, Chakra/Energy Work, Astrology.

Good Girl Video Series

As women we are constantly putting everyone else’s needs before our own to seek validation, approval and love.
What if there was a way to give everyone what they would love and continue to go for our higher as well?
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Reclaiming Eve

A 4 week course bringing together a community of women created to unweave our religious narratives and myths to breathe freedom into your heart. 

Doors are currently closed, sign up for information on the next round.

Liberate Your Wild Truth

6 month online course/mentorship of ritual, magic, myth, alchemy and storytelling

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A Wildcrafted Woman

A 10 week course designed to help you move from good girl to your unique flavour of wildcrafted woman. Incorporating archetype work, Alchemy, Somatic processes, creative orientation and structure work as well as magical virtual circles twice a week.

**Enrolments Opening Soon**

Single Use Sessions

These sessions have been created for new and past clients who are looking for some love and clarity or support around their creations, their choices or anything in their life really…