Welcome to Wildcrafted Alchemy

Leanne Grace is a practitioner of the ancient Hermetic art of Alchemy as it has been passed down  from Hermes Trismegistus (circa the same time as Moses) to today. Hermetic principles inform the creation of her whole life as she endeavours to live a life of freedom, peace and clarity. She has practised Magick as a solitary witch for almost 25 years, this includes the study and practise of Astrology and the reading of the Cards.

Leanne is a recovering Type Two (Enneagram) and Good Girl with her patterns still very much in play as she navigates towards a new way of being in her life.

Leanne holds a Bachelors Degree in Arts (majoring in Ancient History and English) and Bachelors Degree in Laws (Aust). She is currently studying for her Master of Arts (Studies in Religion).

In 2015, Leanne began and completed an intensive Mastermind training with Belinda Davidson on the Energetic Field specialising in Chakras.

In 2017 Leanne received her Certificate of Somatic Alchemy Coaching from Lotus Kruse (Master) and has been coaching women in this, along with Creative Orientation, Energy clearing, Astrology and Magick ever since.

Leanne believes that laughter, play, joy and creating our best life from what we are given is the greatest form of resistance to all the oppressions placed on women. The revolution must start in the body, with our hearts leading our actions towards a new world of freedom, choice and desire.

In My Own Words

I am deeply in love with our true nature and addicted to visioning my life in a way that sits outside the norm.

I love making Magick and mischief. My four children can account for this too. Our house is regularly chaotic, with dance parties while we make dinner a must. Glitter bombs are something I would love to introduce more of as well.

I live the question ‘what would you love?’ As much as I can, at all times. Sometimes it’s tea, sometimes it’s whiskey and sometimes it’s to punch the bag until all my anger is out. But it’s always what my beautiful soul is needing in that moment.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being here, it means the world. I hope you hang around and join me as I venture into this new home online and share with you my recipes, spells, visions and words!