Hello lovely!

I am deeply honoured that you have found my website, my online home. 

I always stumble when I have to write things about myself. I resort to labels or acheivements as though they are what hold my very fibre of worth to the Earth we live on. So here are some of those things ~  I have a Bachelor of Arts and Laws. I have my Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice. I am currently studying my Master of Arts (religious studies).

Now for the bits that light me up and bring me joy every day…

I am a Wise Woman Initiate, and my journey has led to being a holder of women’s stories, prayers, myths, hearts, shadows and unlearnings to help us get to know ourselves deeply. And then even more deeply. I am a Mother and am raising my children to be powerful sovereign beings in a world that tells them how to be good little sheep. I am an Alchemist and I work with women to find their desires and live from them. I create my life out of the beauty of my imagination. I believe that all beliefs are limiting, not just negative ones, and I don’t believe my emotions either (yet I deeply believe we need to feel all of them). I am a contradiction, I am a nature loving Witch. I am addicted to learning about religion and women’s place in them.

I believe in the ideal of intersectional feminism, and I must acknowledge my white, cis, heterosexual privilege. I am committed to continuing the work to help to make this a reality. I try and centre voices of all women in this space, although I have my lens as it is, and I do make mistakes.

I’m ready to stop living under the patriarchal structure of our society and heal the damage it has done to all of us in varying degress and different ways. Before you come into my inbox and tell me to fix all the problems seeing as I dislike it, I don’t have all the answers and I don’t expect myself to. So don’t bother, I won’t answer. I do enjoy debate though and invite different opinions to be expressed, however, I have the final say of what is expressed and I will delete comments if needed. It’s my space and my rules. 

Thank you for being here. One more thing before you click away ~ we are magic. Human beings are literally miracles. Looking at statistics, we are all lucky to be alive. We take it too seriously and I would love for you to go out today and find one way you can bring some PLAY into your world! 


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