A Wildcrafted Prayer

There are words that cause our whole bodies to stand on end and every cell to reach towards an invisible rope when we hear them. A thread that requires of us an exploration of bravery that asks deep and challenging questions. Our heart and soul speak to us through the noise of life in these moments, desiring a different way, a new way, that often feels and looks and exists as an ancient and primal way.

This is what happened the day I heard Paster Eugene Peterson explaining his process of praying the Psalms (from the Christian Bible) to Krista Tippett one rainy day in September. I heard his words and my desire bubbled to my surface from a deep and knowing place. I desired to understand myself and my world through prayer again. 

Once this knowledge was known, I became aware that I desired for this to not only be a devotion to prayer, but also a devotion to one particular conversation a month. My work, both privately and with clients, has shown me time and time again that we grow and expand and evolve in layers. Layer upon layer upon layer. My intention with these prayers is to allow my soul the space and time to access deeper layers than the top few, this is why we focus on one prayer a month. There is a deepening of presence in this practise.

I offer these prayers to all who wish to work with them. I send them out monthly via a separate list to my newsletter, so you will be required to sign up here as well as on my main page if you have already done this. You will receive the most recent wildcrafted prayer when you sign up. Conversations may be extended to an instagram group for those who are wishing to be involved in community and conversation around these prompts. Please contact me if this is something you desire.