Morning’s full of sleepy snuggles and hot chocolate are my favs. Not enough sleep was had last night due to an ear infection and my littlest needing to be tended to.

I remember the days where this was normal and my heart is with those mothers and fathers who are in those days still. Pancakes for breakfast because there is nothing else that eases the morningness like fresh pancakes with maple syrup and blueberries. Except maybe waffles.

Early morning television shows on so quiet it feels like they are whispering. Writing and writing and writing my heart out, working and study and because writing is what I do and how the magic comes. No coffee, just extra Jing in my hot chocolate to help me pull myself through this day with all the plates spinning although I am aware of which ones I am happy to let fall and smash if they have to.

Happy sleepy morning my loves x