Magic has changed for me so dramatically over the last few years, the desire to create situations outside of myself has morphed into the ability to see that the magic is inside me and is made true with the actions I am taking towards what I desire….much like spells I guess.

We are all looking for a little bit of magic in our lives…thats part of life, that we seek the joy and excitement that comes from being removed from the mundane and invited into the secrets we think we don’t know.

We all want to know these secrets, as though they are outside of us, as though they aren’t inherently part of us.

I find all of this so interesting, and reading my diary from 5 years ago when I was searching and seeking so much of the knowledge I have discovered over these years. Some is deep truth that will resonate through time and space and some was needed at the time as a stepping stone to something deeper, or more joyful or even to completely let it go.