Travel and learning are deep loves of mine, and I have only recently allowed them to become an informative part of my life again. Right now my choices have me staying put physically, but at the beginning of this year I decided I would travel via the incredible internet and technology we are blessed with. This has led me to disconnect from the #lifehack and clickbait culture on Facebook and dig deeper into the bones of the Earth to find where the real conversations are being held. 

‘What I am learning’ is a weekly wrap up of the things (via podcast, conversation, reading, visual or anything else really) that have piqued my interest and are pushing my brain into a new area.

The MotherLands

Recently I have been reading more and more about European Prehistory, as I dive deep into decolonising my ancestry. I have been reading a series of books starting with The Year the Horses Came, books that focus on a female lead who has been raised in Europe during the era of Goddess and fertility worship. It seems she is from Brittany. She ends up saving the life of a stranger who is from the tribes of the Steppes, a patriarchal society in which women are good for only acting as servants and slaves to the men.

Reading this book has made me realise just how deeply rooted the ideals of patriarchy, capitalism and male worshipping religions actually are, and the contradictions I feel in my body when I read about a society where women were honoured as life givers, decision makers and true heroines. Where the  main object of sexual activity is to ‘share joy’ rather than to get a man some pleasure while the woman is denied. A place where everything is consensual and sensual and full of life and so much love. The language used is so different, as these two characters get to know each other and learn each others languages, they realise they do not have words that correspond to the other. ‘Virgin’ is not a thing, for example. Because a woman’s worth was never weighed on whether she had previously chosen to ‘share joy’ with a man. ‘Ugly’ means selfish and rude, and has nothing to do with a woman’s body shape, colour or size. (Or man’s for that matter).

I am learning that this stuff runs deep. We think in these forms all of the time, without even realising it. I am learning that WE have made it mean that to be human, means to suffer. The real fall from grace for humans was when we stopped caring about other living creatures, including our fellow humans. The apple was our greed and the desire for power over other humans.

I am learning that there may be another way. I am learning that in the language we choose to use, the way we choose to relate, the way we show up and the boundaries we choose to have, we can create a place of gentleness and pleasure and consent and honour. We can create a whole new way of life. 

Playing with the masculine

Lately I have also been exploring my deep mistrust for the masculine and what this means in MY life and how it stops me from being able to truly open my heart up. 

I have begun doing some ritualistic work around creating safe space to explore what divine and true masculine looks like, and how I can invite that into my environment to support me in being safe as myself. 

It’s such fun and bringing untold and very unexpected pleasure into my life.   There is space for a relaxing I have never experienced and a joy in truly connecting with an energy I have never trusted.

I am learning that the ‘masculine’ gets a bad rap at the moment. Our men are damaged by the patriarchy as well, and the work is for them to do, as they are responsible for themselves. But the healing magic of a man who is able to stand in his masculine and his presence has blown me away, literally! It is an experience that I wish for every woman and every man on Earth to experience. 

What am I reading?

I am in the middle of the creation of a critical essay right now, where I am comparing at least two world religions in regards to how women have thrived and achieved autonomy even when being what is seemingly oppressed. Its blowing me away as I learn how we have created such beauty in this world under so much pressure.

Some of the books I have been reading to reference in this critical essay are:
Growing Up Aboriginal in Australia – Dr Anita Heiss
Deep Time Dreaming – Billy Griffiths
The Living Goddesses – Marija Gimbutas
Qur’an and Woman – Amina Wadud

Plus many many articles on Islam, Judaism, Aboriginal spiritual business, and more religions and spiritualities. 
I am learning that there is still so much more learning to do. ALWAYS.

What are you learning this week?