A few things have come together over the last little while that have led me to create a practise around prayer. I have been neglecting prayer in my spiritual life for a while. (I don’t make that mean anything other than it wasn’t my time to be praying). This year, I took part in Ramadan under the guidance of some beautiful Muslima’s. I hadn’t prayed properly for years, and although clumsy, the repetition of the words and feeling in my body and heart during prayer was invigorating. I felt peace I hadn’t felt in years. 

I fell back out of touch with this part of my practice, and while I still made time for meditation each day, I forgot about the connection I felt during this holy month. 

Last week I was listening to Pastor Eugene Peterson on the OnBeing podcast with Krista Tippett, and something he said made my ear spike up and my heart beat faster and I knew it was a thread to be gently pulled and followed down the rabbit hole. Find the episode and transcript :: HERE ::

His words were:

“But for years, the first thing in the morning, I have about an hour of quiet and coffee. But I picked seven psalms that I thought kind of covered the waterfront of what’s going on. And I memorized them. I picked pretty long psalms, so I’d have to work at it. So, on Sunday, I do Psalm 92, which is a psalm for the Sabbath. And then I go to Psalm 68, which is a collection of pieces of psalms from different kind of settings, but when you read through the whole thing, and that’s a pretty long psalm. You realize all of these things kind of fit together if you’re paying attention.”

“They’re not logically connected. But with an imagination, they start to fit together. That’s what I mean. Psalm 18 is a psalm just full of metaphor. You’re just overwhelmed by all the ways in which you can reimagine God working in your life. I do seven of those. But I’ve been doing that for years. So, then — you want to know the whole story?”

“Then I shut up. And I just breathe deeply and for another 15, 20, 25 minutes, just try to empty myself of everything. But there’s enough going on through that first entry that it seeps into your imagination. So you’re not really just emptying yourself, you’re emptying yourself of a certain amount of clutter so that the words you really need to know kind of fit in. “

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