For most of my life I have deeply associated with the sacred symbology and acts of being a nature worshiping ‘witch’. I have created from my desire and my energy and I have cast spells and loved the idea of astrology and magick.

Today I know my heart as a traditional, green, water, alchemical witch. I live by the Wheel of the Year and quietly perform ritual on each equinox and solstice with love. I still adore astrology, and believe deeply in the power of learning from the stars. As above, so below. As without, so within. I practice the magical circles of Alchemy and the creation of my own life. I work with White Light.

I used to speak a lot about these parts of me, until I realised that this is sacred work, this is my spiritual connection and it is deeply special to me. My meditation space, my garden and my dining room table are my alters. I worship the Earth and Spirit above. I don’t worship any gods per se, but see the beauty of the Spirit represented in many Gods and Goddesses. I am deeply in love with my practice and I honour the path of my ancestors and those that will come after me.

I am obsessed with learning more about the natural world and the way all life is woven together, passing life on, even in death and continuing the cycle of nature. My connection to the Earth and to this time is paramount to me. This includes the recognition and admiration for those whose culture and religions, connections to land, or spirits generally have been severed and the attempt to break them has been repeatedly performed over and over. My practices come from my ancestral line ~ my grandmothers. Although they never would’ve called themselves witch. I am studying my myths and my magick, I am learning to hear my ancestors words.

I have watched women around me rise and rise recently. I have watched their grace and their humbleness soften my heart once more towards the love of women I used to have before I was (in my eyes and heart) betrayed and the sister wound played out in my life. Because of this softening, because of these women and their boundaries, and their honesty, and their fire I have seen my power in my own truth and spirituality and have decided to bring my practices back into the realm of my conversations and discussions in my online life. This is like a coming home for me, an unlocking of a part of me hidden away to be kept silent and protected.

I can see that in my sharing, my story can be a little more complete, and if you share back or feel called to, we can get to know each other a little bit better. I look forward to getting to know you as well.

Much love

Leanne x