I can feel a rising in my body of laughter about the words ‘how far we have come’, being thrown around today, with the initial intention of an honouring of the voices behind us who have created all we have the privilege of experiencing today. But these words have become a dismissal for the continued fight for true equality. True equality looks like men no longer giving women the right to anything, the right is just assumed. True equality looks like the way women do something, like work and parent, being the ‘normal’ way. True equality looks like an end to racism, ageism, cisism, ableism (and others) as well as sexism.

My heart is a rebellious artist who desires this for my life, with no more apologies or excuses or justifications for who I am in the world. I choose to rebelliously soften into my womanhood and my feminine and just start to allow.

I will allow the sheer honesty of my womanness to flow through my body and speak my words without fear of retribution.

I will welcome the vibration of my whole being as I rebelliously honour my soul in my words and my actions.

I will no longer play a game where my breasts are for anyone other than my pleasure. My body is my temple to honour in ways I cannot even describe in words, yet the energetic pulses I create will ripple on for eons.

I will feel the depth of the pain and anger of my sisters, all my sisters, and I will hold the space in my pelvis for their words and their truths to be heard and be felt for the centuries of torture and pain of their continued experience.

I will stand where I haven’t before, to be seen, heard and felt as I reach higher and higher into the vision of women as equal, not the same, but equal to men. All human. All honoured. All believed.

I will bring softness and desire to a safe space in the lives of all I love. I will allow my children the human right of the creation of their own lives, with guidance and love.

I will move through the world and allow the world to move through me from a soft place of mutual honouring and understanding.

I will no longer justify myself or my space to any other, my words are from my heart, hear them resonate or don’t. This is not my business. Either way, know this, I do not owe anyone a debate on anything.

Today on International Women’s Day, I take the agency of my own life into my hands. I honour that I am the only person who can give me permission for anything.

Now I ask something of you.

Go out today and find out about a woman of colour who is speaking or writing. Read it. Listen. I have included a list of writers that I follow below, but there are more. So so many more.

And next time you hear the words Aboriginal or  Indigenous on the news or in the media, challenge yourself to learn the truth of the matter. Know that we are being fed an agenda.

The patriarchy works on keeping us all separate, the majority from the minorities, without us v them, they cannot keep us in fear. If you find yourself fearful of something, go to the deep truth of the thing and let it inform you as to why you fear it. Listen to yourself, not the fear, but your heart.

Much Love

Leanne x

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