99 percent of us live our lives trapped in our own current reality cycle. We aren’t present to anything other than the drama of what is happening TO us.

We lose the ability to live from our imaginations somewhere, usually as a child, when the ‘world’ tells us that it doesn’t work that way, that we must be responsible, boring and miserable.

Don’t get me wrong, there are people out there living from their creative imagination, they are the people who’s lights shine no matter what they are doing. They can, in fact, be in a terrible mood, and still burn with passion and desire, their lights pouring out over everyone who comes near them. They live from a completely different place. A place where what they desire to create trumps what is happening around them.

Having said all that, in Alchemy, current reality is just as important to the process as our vision is, because to not acknowledge what is going on for you right now is foolish, and is reminiscent of the ‘love and light’ brigade telling us to only acknowledge the parts of us that are positive and ignore the negative. It is damaging and painful. People’s reality is real and important, but a lot of the time we allow it to make decisions for us, ones that we are crying out to make the opposite of.

I have had an example of this recently with a close friend of mine who is struggling with their financial as well as their career current reality. They are completely stuck in a place of murk and dis-ease. They don’t want to go to work, they are fighting to pay their debt, they are stuck in a struggle circle and they can’t see an end. We had a conversation that went like this.

L: What would you love for yourself?
P: To be happy
L: What does that look like?
P: Not spending all my money paying out my debts…I’m still paying for stupid decisions I made years ago.
L: Really? That’s it? You’ll be happy when you have no debts left?
P: No…but I’ll have money to do things I love again.
L: So what would you love to do?
P: Travel, save for a car…
L: So why don’t you focus your attention on these things? Then paying the debt stops being the vision and becomes the action you are taking to support you being able to travel to Japan, or save for a car, or whatever it is that turns you on. That lights you up. You are free not to pay off your debt early, you are free not to pay it off at all. Yes there are consequences, and you are choosing to pay it. But go further, don’t just go for the action as your vision, dream, create a vision where you have what you would love.

We also had another conversation about their career, and what they would love to do. We talked about how they would be ‘happy with any other job’ until I asked if they wanted to be a sewerage treatment worker. And they didn’t. We talked about going for what they would love and nothing less. Otherwise you just create more of the same bullshit you don’t want, another job doing something you hate, and the pay off is that you get to have a job that you can complain about. You never have to have your heart in the world but you also never GET to have your heart in the world.

Today for me current reality looks like this //

Waking up 4 times before I manage to pull myself out of bed // get teenage daughter into the shower // sink into my bulletproof as I watch my man do the dishes // keep moving big kids towards getting ready // take big kids to bus // almost miss bus because oldest boy cannot find deodorant // come home and get little kids ready for school // start proof reading and writing posts // make soup for breakfast // have a cup of tea // take little kids to school in the rain // fight with the traffic from neighbouring school // come home // drop phone // keep writing // make more tea // have session with my mentor //

I made every single one of these things mean something. I can make that whole morning mean something. Overall, it was a positive morning. But I may still be in a bad mood….what it doesn’t say is that I am on day 27, so everything can feel bad…

Current reality is mostly (in my world) neutral. We make it mean something, but it is important to note that some stuff is NOT neutral. Don’t ever let anyone tell you what you must make anything mean, you don’t have to put up with or justify anything you are not okay with. And sometimes, you don’t even know you are not okay with it until you look back. Violence is not neutral, destructive behaviour is NOT neutral. Narcissistic behaviour is not neutral. If you are threatened or at threat, please contact someone you trust and speak with them, keeping yourself safe is the most important thing.

It is an interesting thing when I ask my clients to start to observe where they engage with their current reality and where they allow themselves to get caught up and REACT from this place instead of CHOOSING from their vision. Then we start to go into the enquiry as to where in your life are you doing things because you ‘should’? Where could you change something to make it because you would love to?

Much love

Leanne x