You are Wild. 

You are Raw. 

You are Whole. 

Thanks for stopping by and saying hi! I’d love to hear from you, so feel free to contact me and we can have a chat! If anything I say here resonates or challenges you, I’d love to hear about it! Connection and conversation keep the world going around.

I am an ::  Academic ↟ Alchemist ↟Artist ↟Wise Woman Initiate

I hold a Bachelor of Arts with a double major of English and Ancient History, a Bachelor of Laws and a Grad Dip in Legal Practice and I am currently studying my Master of Arts in Studies in Religion. My other academic passions (which I am exploring through electives) are Indigenous Studies and Women’s Studies. I have the intention of going on to do my PhD on a topic at the intersection of these issues. I also hold my accreditation in Alchemy Coaching from Lotus Kruse.

But my work in the world {and this website} is about much more than what I have achieved academically. I desire a space that is open for your pleasure, your curiosity. A space that invites complete change and deep transformation. 

I am a powerful creator, who finds incredible pleasure in creating for the pleasure of the creation existing. I work to uncover our heart stories and listen to help you unpack what they are telling you. I work in the realm of historic and prehistoric myth, I believe in our ancestries and I encourage women to learn their history to create their futures. I seek joy, and truth and I desire to live in the Wild. I practice Alchemy, the ancient Hermetic art of creatively living our lives in and for our true nature and purpose.

I am an activist. I am not afraid of the dark. I love spending time getting to know myself.

I’m an explorer, of the external and internal landscapes that we find ourselves navigating on this planet Earth.

I’m here for freedom. Heart wrenching, structure crumbling, life altering, fuck the world up
F R E E D O M. I desire nothing less.

Come with me and lets explore how to create our own lives x

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